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February 2007

Fans going to Wolf's Pegasus 2 Convention Feb 2007

atlantis gate p1


Skipped Back 10

February 13th, 2007

A bit late, but better late then never a squirrel queue report. by Borgteddy, KDJ and Muffin.
Please read the warning before continuing.

The writers told David Hewlett that his lines were not techno babble, but pure gold.
This queue report however is not gold, it's mercury and as such is toxic.
Please read this report in moderation.
And should you get any symptoms such as tremors, insomnia and hallucinations,
please stop reading and call your doctor.
You have been warned.

February 12th, 2007

Music Video Question

ncis title two masters
Is it completely my imagination or did I see a Rodney vid to Mika's "Grace Kelly" at the convention? Is it available online or did I in fact imagine the whole thing?

I can't find it on the Orange Dog site http://www.orangedog.org/. I'm sure I saw it at Peg2. Will someone put me out of my misery, PLEASE!
The tickets ARE up for sale now, still in first 300 - you can't see them via the Pegasus Two page, but I just bought one (for a friend - she's gonna pay me back).

Address is HERE

To say that again


February 11th, 2007

PegCon2 Report

I've posted a full (7 pages!) report plus a photomontage on my journal here!

February 10th, 2007

I have been endlessly posting Chuck Campbell squee  reports since we got back. If you want to see, go here and they are all linked to that post :D

(no subject)

More stuff from peg2  http://tipsywitch.livejournal.com/84049.html#cutid1

What piece of technical equipment did David Nykl said he would be??? I was too distracted by Chuck Campbells answer...

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Empty Platform
Hey all!

Just a quick request here. If you got any group shots of us (as in people on the LJ comm) over the weekend. Is there any chance you could send them to me.

This is mainly for my Travel Journal (which I'm starting up again coz I was a slacker last year!) so wouldn't be on show (unless you want them to be) to the general public. Plus it would be a GREAT help for me to put names to faces. As I put my hand up here. All the people I squeaked at and hugged this weekend. I DO REMEMBER YOU.....just not your LJ/RL names. Which is why people get yelled at by me going "OI TIPSY!" or such!!
(as gwene will tell you I still have problems remembering her name and I talk to her on MSN ALL THE TIME *facedesk*)

Oh yeah...and who's booked P3 already? *sigh* even if it is just Chuckcon *grins at fififolle*

February 9th, 2007

Day 2 report!

I went a little crazy with this report lol!

almost 4000 words and a lot of pictures!!!


post con question

I had a fantastic time at the convention, and got to meet some really cool people. *waves*

I just have have to ask, the person who had her Neil Gaiman book, 'Anansi Boys' signed by David Hewlett, if it's somebody here, what did he say about it?

Am curious.

And who here suddenly had some interesting Chuck/Radek ideas after this convention?

How cute would that be?

(no subject)

only dream I ever have
I've finally got my P2 post up at my journal... not much of a report as I suck at those kinda things but there's plenty of photos right this way - dial up users beware. Many more photos can be found here at my site 'Mangoes Of Time'.

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