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David and the pineapple

Fans going to Wolf's Pegasus 2 Convention Feb 2007

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David and the pineapple

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I've been trying to write up my own notes and I wondered if anyone can help with one point. Did DH actually explain why he ate an entire pineapple when he knew that he was allergic to them? I can't remember if he gave a reason and it's driving me crazy.

  • When he was a child, his lips used to swell up and it was ugly.

    But when he moved out, he decided to eat a pineapple because he was in a place by himself, and nobody would see the fat lips, so it was a 'wooo, I can eat pineapples now' thing.

    Unfortunately then his throat started swelling up, and he had to call his father.
    • *confirms*
      • I think it was also that his parents probably wouldn't let him eat pineapple at home cos of his allergy, and he decided "I'm all grown up now and can do what I like!"

        ...and ended up getting his dad to take him to hospital

        Now I can live in the knowledge that yes, the entire male species can be very stupid lol!
        • I sort of got the impression that he still had to eat pineapple even if he did have a mild allergy to it. That, or they still served it even though they knew that David couldn't/wouldn't eat it.

          The whole stiff upper lip and a bit of the you will eat what is put in front of you. Depending on how old his parents are they might have been influenced by shortages during WWII (and both sets of grandparents most certainly would have) Didn't Kate say something the effect that pretty much all the entire family was lactose intolerant but no one ever said anything and continued to drink milk? It might have been the same thing.

          But as to why David decided to eat the pineapple? I'm going with the idea that it was just a dumb thing that young people cough*men*cough do... he is just lucky that he was close enough to get to hospital in time.
  • Thanks to everyone for clearing that up.

    My note on that little snippet now reads:

    DH told a story about how he was allergic to pineapples. That didn’t stop his parents giving him pineapple when he was a child, because they didn’t pander to little things like that ;-) and all that happened was that his lips swelled up. When he left home and got his own apartment, the first night he decided to eat a whole pineapple since no one would see his swollen lips. This time, instead of just his lips swelling up, his throat started to swell too and he couldn’t breathe. He rang his Dad, who’s a doctor, and his Dad got him to the hospital.

    He also mentioned that he's lactose intolerant, as are most of his family except Kate, but she told us that she’s allergic to apples.

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